Now that you have learned what a point spread is, let’s move onto totals. Offering lines on NFL totals give the bookmaker a chance to offer another point spread opportunity to collect more vig, as well as give sports bettors another opportunity to beat the house. A betting total is set on the number of points both teams figure to score in one said contest. An average total in the NFL is around 37, in fact about 5% of all NFL games land on this number, making the number 37 a very important number to be around. If you like a game under you will want to try and play it at 37 or 37.5 rather than 36.5, just as if you like a game over you would want to play at 36.5 or 37, rather than 37.5.

Typically totals are easier to beat than point spreads for a few reasons. First the public is not as interested in totals as betting sides in a game. Second the people that actually do take the time to research betting totals do not break the numbers correctly and do well enough research to consistently win long term. What these means for us astute sports bettors is an even better opportunity to break the houses back while betting the NFL.

If there is a one thing I can teach you about totals it is there are 10 very common totals in football 33, 37, 38, 41, 44, 45, 47, 48, 51, and 54. Almost 40% of all NFL games will land on one of these key numbers. I strongly advise whenever you are done handicapping, playing any game where your power ratings are 1.5 points bettor than any of these numbers in said lined game.

Example Philadelphia and New Orleans are playing on Sunday and the total is 45. Your power ratings figure that there will be 43.5 points scored. I advise a wager on the Under 45 in this game. If you keep these strict guidelines and only bet when you have a 1.5 point advantage over the current lined total you will do very well for yourself.

Now you heard me mention your own power ratings, lets move on to learning to get your own power ratings by creating your own point spread.

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