In order to stay one step ahead of the bookmaker use as a football handicapper need to be thorough and detailed in your record keeping. Information is the key to the game so keeping accurate records is one of the many measures a football handicapper can take to guarantee him a more successful season than good ole average Joe handicapper.

Now we know that this will be time consuming but everything has a price and keeping accurate records is a price well rewarded at seasons end. Just remember there is a ton of information on the NFL online, so you won't need to keep track of the standings, division records, totals for points scored and allowed because that is readily available online. The purpose is to have all the hard to find info at your fingertips in an excel or spreadsheet file on your hard drive.

If this seems like a lot of work try having a partner help you record the pertinent statistics. In my opinion though I have always felt recording my own stats gives me an advantage over having a partner help out. My reasoning is by going over the box scores myself I feel like I have a better understanding of each game than if I was only recording half the league while my partner was doing the other half. A few weeks down the road I may recall something from an old box score that if I hadn't browsed myself I may have forgotten about. Little memories like this often can turn losses into no plays, and leans into wins.

By reading recaps or even by watching the Sunday edition of sportscenter you can often tell if a game was more lopsided than it actually was. Late scores, or a blown referee call, these are all things that stats really don't tell you. This concludes my playbook on winning wagering on football. I hope you enjoyed my site and have gotten a grasp as to what it takes to be a winner. Feel free to email any questions you may have by emailing me on the contact page.